Rock Solid Success

Whether you’re building a custom countertop, a dream vanity or a heavenly hearth, there’s nothing like the ageless beauty of natural stone. And no one knows high-quality stone surfaces like Sudbury Granite & Marble, with four locations in Massachusetts and Connecticut. For owner “Moe” Coelho, finding exciting and exotic new stone offerings is a way of life.

“I pay attention to new trends in the marketplace,” Moe explains. “Then I go to Brazil and personally select materials with new colors and patterns that I can introduce to the U.S. market. I always strive to find something unique.”

Sudbury Granite & Marble does it all – from purchasing raw material at the source to processing and cutting the stone to meet customer requirements and providing custom installation. But that’s not all.

“We also provide our customers with information to help them make the best decision and understand why to select a particular material,” Moe says. “Our priority is to educate the customer to ensure their complete satisfaction for years to come.”

Recently, Sudbury Granite & Marble expanded its capabilities with the purchase of sophisticated, new stone fabricating equipment. And MutualOne Bank provided the commercial financing to make it happen.

“We’re able to introduce new technology to our business because we have MutualOne Bank as a partner,” Moe says. “They believe in our business. This is truly a long-term relationship.”

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Grow With The Flow

Chances are, you don’t think much about how your water gets to the faucet … or where it goes after the drain. Making sure the waterworks keep working is the life mission of Andy and Jim Russo, co-owners of Russo Brothers, Inc. The Framingham-based company provides water and sewer connections and site development for local municipalities, companies and homeowners.

“We do a lot of our work right here in Framingham,” Andy says. In addition to on-call work for the Town of Framingham, he points to the recent Route 9 rehabilitation project, work at the Shillman House Jewish Community Center and the Framingham Country Club as examples of Russo’s local focus.

That local approach has worked well for Russo Brothers. Jim says the company has gotten busier and bigger each year — but they never lose their commitment to Framingham. And that goes for their business banking, too.

“We do all of our banking with MutualOne Bank,” Andy says. “They’ve actually doubled our working capital, which has increased our growth capacity tremendously.”

The brothers recall that when they first approached the bank, they were just starting out in business. “I don’t know too many banks that would give a couple of 27-year-old kids a half-million-dollar credit line to get going,” Andy says. “They really believed in us. We owe a lot of our success to the way they backed us. We wouldn’t be where we are today without MutualOne Bank.”

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Striking Garbage Gold

For Derek Orifice, trash is more than his business . . . it’s his passion. “I really love what I do,” says the 27-year-old owner of Orifice Recycling and Refuse of Natick. “I could talk trash all day!”

That enthusiasm has helped fuel his company’s growth from startup to more than 1200 customers and a fleet of new trucks in just four years. Derek’s formula: exceptional customer service and value.

“I personally train each of my drivers just like I was taught as a kid. My grandfather taught me the importance of keeping customers happy,” Derek explains, noting that his drivers neatly put barrels back in place with the handles facing customers’ homes for easy retrieval.

“Those little things go a long way toward building customer loyalty,” Derek says. “Your service is your contract.” The self-proclaimed “garbologist” says it’s all about serving customers. “When you do good work and treat people well, the word gets around.”

Word has gotten around. Derek was honored as the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year for 2011 by the Massachusetts Small Business Administration. “What a cool award that was,” he says. “To be recognized publicly for doing something I love was just fantastic.”

Derek is also happy to recognize those who have helped him, including his business bank, MutualOne Bank. “Whatever you need, they are right there for you,” he says.

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Healthy skin, healthy business

Good skin care is important to both beauty and health. Providing that care to the local community is the mission of Framingham dermatologist Dr. Shahla Asvadi. Her practice, MetroWest Dermatology and Laser Center, has been meeting the medical and cosmetic skin care needs of local residents since 1997.

“We provide a full range of dermatology services, from treatment of skin problems like psoriasis and acne to cosmetic treatments, including Botox® injections,” Dr. Asvadi says. “But everyone who walks in for an appointment receives a skin cancer screening. The health of my patients is paramount.”

Keeping pace with technology is also a priority. That’s why Dr. Asvadi recently purchased a new, state-of-the-art laser treat­ment system.

“The laser is very effective for hair removal, brown spots, blood vessels, and even skin tightening,” Dr. Asvadi explains. “Commercial financing from MutualOne Bank helped make it possible.”

A MutualOne Bank customer since she opened her practice, Dr. Asvadi says the bank is a perfect fit. “I have a local community practice and they are a local community bank,” she says. “They are wonderful to work with and they provide the financing I need in record time.”

That kind of flexibility is important to Dr. Asvadi. “In my practice, we always try to accommodate peoples’ needs,” she says. “MutualOne Bank does the same.”

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Personal Service is Never Wasted

Jim Lawrence and his son Keith are not in the trash business; they’re in the people business. Their family business, Lawrence Waste Services of Framingham, has grown steadily by focusing on each and every customer as an individual.

“The big companies have call centers and customers are just a number,” Keith says. “We don’t even have account numbers. We know each of our customers by name. That relationship is very important to us.”

Staying close to customers enables Lawrence Waste Services to deliver waste management solutions that meet their specific needs.

“We don’t take a cookie-cutter approach,” Keith says. “We see ourselves as consultants, helping streamline the efficiency of each customer’s waste and recycling program.”

This personalized approach to business has helped Lawrence Waste Services win customers from the metro Boston area all the way to Rhode Island. To help drive that expansion, the Lawrences have established partnerships with like-minded haulers in other markets.

Keith Lawrence also credits their partnership with MutualOne Bank, which provided the company’s startup financing and continues to serve all their business banking needs.

“I’ve been banking with MutualOne Bank since I was a kid,” says the Framingham native. “They are definitely focused on helping local businesses grow and succeed. They always go the extra step. Other banks call us, but we would never switch.”

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Brewing success in a competitive market

If you’ve had a particularly rich, delicious cup of coffee lately, there’s a good chance it came from Hogan Brothers Coffee Roasters. The Framingham company sells high-quality specialty coffees to fine retailers throughout the Northeast. But co-owner Jim Hogan, who founded the company with his brother Jay 16 years ago, says it takes more than beans and a roaster to succeed in the wholesale coffee trade.

“You have to offer the highest quality product and fantastic service,” he says. “We service our customers unlike anyone else. Once we have a customer, we keep them forever. They’re like part of the family.”

In today’s competitive coffee market, Jim says you have to go above and beyond – especially when you’re a small company going up against the big guys.

“We do absolutely anything to ensure our customers get exactly what they want. We set the bar high so the competition can’t come close,” Jim says, adding that Hogan Brothers has something else going for them. “People today are interested in buying from local vendors. That’s one reason we have maintained our regional focus on the Northeast.”

The Hogan Brothers also prefer dealing with local partners. That’s why they recently switched their business banking to MutualOne Bank.

“We are always thinking about what else we can do to help the customer. MutualOne Bank does business the same way,” he says. “They really walk the walk. It’s a perfect fit for our business.”

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Looking for a bank that can light up your business prospects and growth?

Fluorolite Plastics, Inc. is a leader in the manufacturing of replacement plastic lenses for light fixtures. When their business bank left them in the dark, they made the “switch” to MutualOne Bank.

“I love working with local community bankers who actually know who we are,” owner Diane Pink says. “They take the time to understand the needs of our business, they check in with us to make sure we are happy and always offer their assistance and expertise. As a business owner, I feel that customer service is the most important facet of a company and MutualOne Bank has top notch customer service.”

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Raising the ceiling on success

Whether you’re outfitting a new office space or refinishing your basement, an acoustical tile ceiling is the way to go for maximum flexibility and efficiency. Acoustical Ceiling Care (ACC) of Framingham is the place to go to make sure it gets done right the first time.

ACC owner Mark Sohi has been improving and beautifying commercial and residential spaces since 1986. Today, his family business has expanded beyond ceilings to include finish carpentry and granite and marble installation.

“Installing acoustical ceilings demands extreme precision and attention to detail. Everything must be 100 percent square. A lot of contractors don’t know how to do it,” says Mark. “We have specialized tools and techniques, plus years of experience, to ensure a perfect installation.”

ACC also has an extensive inventory of products to match virtually any ceiling need or personal taste. Maintaining that inventory and keeping pace with new equipment is essential to ACC’s business. For that, Mark relies on support from MutualOne Bank.

“Any small business needs financial support to grow and prosper,” he says. “MutualOne Bank is always there when we need them. I really appreciate them.”

A customer since 1994, Mark says he enjoys working with a local institution like MutualOne Bank.

“It’s convenient and the people are very friendly,” he says. “When I need financing, they’re extremely professional and efficient. They really save me time. I recommend MutualOne Bank to all my friends.”

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$5,000 awarded to Christa McAuliffe Charter School

We recently awarded the sum of $5,000 to the Christa McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School through our Charitable Foundation.

According to Foundation President Robert P. Lamprey, the grant was awarded in support of the School’s plans to move from its present Clinton Street location in Framingham to a larger facility where both building and grounds will better meet the unique needs of its Expeditionary Learning program.

One of only 165 Expeditionary Learning Schools in the nation and 15 in Massachusetts,  McAuliffe Regional will reach full capacity in the coming school year with 306 students in grades 6, 7 and 8, and a long waiting list. The School hopes to increase enrollment capacity over the next three years, said Executive Director Kristin Harrison.