MutualOne is “Food Pantry Sponsor of the Month” in Natick

The MutualOne Charitable Foundation became a “Food Pantry Sponsor of the Month” with its recent $2,500 award to the Natick Service Council.

The Service Council’s Bounce for Better Health program provides local individuals and families on a restricted budget with up to two weeks of fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and lean meats, according to Greg Tutuny, executive director.

The Charitable Foundation’s participation in the corporate sponsorship program will help 260 local families in the program supplement their budgets with highly nutritious foods they otherwise cannot afford, said Tutuny.

“It’s not always obvious, but there are people all around us who are facing challenges each and every day,” said Robert P. Lampry, chairman of the Charitable Foundation. “We’re willing to do what we can to help make a difference in their lives.”

Proud to continue our support of Boys & Girls Clubs of Metrowest

For the ninth consecutive year, the MutualOne Charitable Foundation has donated $10,000 to support summer and after-school programs provided by the Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest at its Pearl Street Clubhouse in Framingham.

“The support of the MutualOne Charitable Foundation has allowed us to grow by leaps and bounds,” said Francis X. Hurley, president of the Boys & Girls Clubs of MetroWest.

The Framingham Clubhouse currently has over 1,300 registered members and serves an average of 220 local youth between the ages of 6 to 17 each day.

“it’s important that every child in our community has the chance to reach his or her full potential,” said Robert P. Lamprey, chairman of the Charitable Foundation. “We are happy to do our part to help make that happen.”

Marian High upgrades technology with grant from MutualOne

An $8,672 grant from the MutualOne Charitable Foundation will allow Marian High School to purchase eight new computer systems better equipped to interface with classroom Smartboards.

According to Sr. Catherine Clifford, Marian High School principal, the current classroom computers do not fully interface with the eight Smartboards purchased and installed during the past two years. Mixing old and new technologies is causing serious problems, and does not allow teachers to fully utilize the new educational tools, she explained.

“Information technology is vital to educating today’s students,“ said Charitable Foundation Chairman Robert P. Lamprey. “ We are pleased to help the school get a better return on its investment in classroom technology.”