Robocall Scam Alert

Several customers have made reports of an automated telephone scam attempting to obtain personal information about debit card accounts. The call claims your debit card has been compromised or is on hold. It asks that you press 1, and then input personal information including the card number and its PIN number. These are not legitimate calls and should be ignored. These calls are coming from a variety of area codes in the U.S.

Awareness is essential to help combat fraud. Should you receive any questionable calls or emails, do not provide your personal information including your account numbers, PIN numbers or social security number.

MutualOne Bank will NEVER initiate a call or email to you requesting your personal information. Do not call back a number provided over the phone or click on a link in an email. To verify whether a call or email is legitimate, call MutualOne Bank at 508.820.4000.

Most fraudulent communications will include an urgent claim about something that will concern or excite the victim. If you have been the victim of a scam, file a complaint with local law enforcement and notify us at 508.820.4000.

Questions and Answers about the incident:
Q – Have any cards been compromised?
A – None that we are aware of. It’s important to remember to never give out your card number and PIN.

Q – What happens if I have already given my card number and/or PIN to the scammers?
A – Please let us know and we will cancel your card and reissue you a new one.

Q – Is there any risk to cards of customers that do not respond to fraudulent texts or calls?
A – No. This is not a card information breach. It is a fishing expedition to attempt to have customers volunteer information about their personal cards.

Q – Does MutualOne Bank ever make calls to customers about debit cards?
A – Yes. In the event of suspicious card activity, our fraud protection partner may call. The caller never asks the customer to provide card number or PIN information.

Q – Does MutualOne Bank issue legitimate text messages to customers?
A – Yes. Customers have the option to register for text alerts that are associated with our online and mobile banking applications. These text alerts do not ask customers to volunteer information about their accounts or cards. To learn more about text alerts, click here.

Q – What should customers do if they have ongoing concerns about debit card activity or security?
A – Call MutualOne Bank’s Client Services at 508.820.4000. To directly cancel a card over concerns about loss, theft, or fraudulent activity, customers may additionally dial our Card Support Services at 800.264.5578.

Charitable Foundation awards $2,500 to Everyone Wins! Power Lunch program

EWlogoMark R. Haranas, president and CEO of MutualOne Bank and a trustee of the MutualOne Charitable Foundation, announced today that the Foundation has awarded $2,500 to Everybody Wins!, an educational initiative in Framingham’s Brophy and Woodrow Wilson schools.

The Foundation’s donation will support the Everybody Wins! Power Lunch program at the two schools. The program serves more than 130 students in grades 1 – 4 who are at risk of educational failure. Power Lunch volunteers visit the school one day a week and read books aloud to students during their lunchtime, to instill a love for reading, improve listening and reading skills, increase vocabulary, and foster self-esteem.

Foundation grant offers ‘The Gift of Song’ to local seniors

Heritage ChoraleA recent award of $2,000 from the MutualOne Charitable Foundation to the Heritage Chorale means that more than 80 senior citizens from eight different facilities will be able to enjoy the Chorale’s June 9 Pops Concert, “The Gift of Song,” at Nevins Hall in Framingham as invited guests.

Now in its 76th season, the Heritage Chorale is a mixed chorus of 100 accomplished singers from more than 30 communities who perform high quality choral music throughout the MetroWest community.

Charitable Foundation awards $2,000 to Natick Center Associates

NatickCenterAssociatesMark R. Haranas, president and CEO of MutualOne Bank and a trustee of the MutualOne Charitable Foundation, announced today that the Foundation has awarded $2,000 to Natick Center Associates.

Natick Center Associates is a non-profit partnership consisting of town officials, non-profit organizations, retail, local businesses, concerned neighbors, property owners and corporations. The group is focused on preserving Natick’s small town feel and big city amenities.

“An important part of our history is centered in the heart of Natick,” said Haranas. “We applaud the efforts of Natick Center Associates in protecting the best of the past while making way for the best of the future.”