Special Notice regarding data breach at Target® stores

If you made credit or debit card purchases in person at a Target store between November 27 and December 15, you may have been affected by a recently revealed data breach. Information that may have been compromised includes customer name, credit or debit card number, the expiration date, and the three or four-digit security code on cards.

We have contacted those MutualOne customers that we believe may have been subject to the breach, and are issuing new cards. If you believe your card may have been compromised and you have not heard from MutualOne, please call us at 508.820.4000, or visit any of our offices during normal banking hours.

Online purchases were reportedly not involved.

An alert on the Target website describes in detail what steps you should take to detect or avoid fraudulent use of your credit or debit card information. We urge you to review the information you will find there.

Other steps you can take include regularly reviewing activity on your account and reporting anything suspicious to your financial institution or card issuer.