Charitable Foundation buys 2 defibrillators for Sherborn Fire Department

shersheildThe Sherborn Fire Rescue Department has received $3,200 from the MutualOne Charitable Foundation for the purchase of two Automatic External Defibrillators.

The units will replace outdated department equipment, and one will be used in the vehicle of the on-duty fire officer to ensure prompt response time in an emergency situation.

“Although Sherborn is a small rural community with a population of just over 4,000, the need for life-saving equipment in excellent working condition is as critical there as it is in larger communities,” said Mark R. Haranas, president and CEO of MutualOne Bank and a trustee of the MutualOne Charitable Foundation.

“If you add the commuter traffic on Routes 16 and 27 through the center of town in the morning and again in late afternoon, the ‘population’ multiplies significantly.”