MutualOne Bank announces $20K Lamprey Community Grant

Robert LampreyMark R. Haranas, president and CEO of MutualOne Bank, announced today that the MutualOne Charitable Foundation will award an annual $20,000 Robert Lamprey Community Grant in honor of Robert “Bob” Lamprey, chairman of the board of MutualOne Bank and Foundation chair.

The grant, which will be awarded to a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization focused primarily on the towns of Framingham and/or Natick, must benefit a low-income or less-advantaged and/or under-served population.

“The grant in his name is a tribute to Bob for his longstanding commitment, concern and caring for those in need in our community,” said Haranas.

“It is our hope that each future Robert Lamprey Community Grant recipient will be a catalyst for positive change, as Bob has been throughout his career.”

The deadline for submitting a Robert Lamprey Community Grant request will be on October 31 of each calendar year. The grant, which is not a part of the standard Foundation award request process, requires a separate application that is available online here or by contacting Rachel Stewart, administrative director of the MutualOne Charitable Foundation, at

Applicants who request but do not receive a Robert Lamprey Community Grant may still apply for an award through the standard MutualOne Charitable Foundation grant process.

About Robert Lamprey
Bob Lamprey began his career in community banking more than 50 years ago.

Much of his early time was spent at Everett Co-operative Bank, where he developed core beliefs on how local banks could, and should, support the families and small businesses within their market. Certainly sound business practices and efficient internal procedures were critical to a bank’s long-term success. But, just as important was being a caring and pro-active partner with the residents in the towns served by the institution.

Bob knew that the health and vibrancy of his bank were directly related to the health and well-being of the people in the community.

In 1977, he joined Framingham Co-operative Bank (now MutualOne Bank) as executive vice president, and was promoted to president in 1988. He brought with him the same business expertise — and the same community commitment and caring — that had defined his career from the start.

During Bob’s tenure, the local economy has been rocked by two serious recessions. But even through troubling times, the Bank continued to grow while expanding services to enhance the local banking experience for its customers.

With the appointment of a new Bank president in 2008, Bob continues in his role as chairman of the board and chief financial officer.

The MutualOne Charitable Foundation, which he was instrumental in establishing in 1998, remains his pride and joy. It has become the centerpiece of his efforts to provide support for the work being performed by many worthy MetroWest non-profit organizations. His determination and dedication complement his activity in a variety of volunteer positions within the United Way of Tri-County over the years.

Bob has spearheaded initiatives to help the most vulnerable members of our community. His focus has been on their most critical needs, including food, medical and legal assistance, child welfare programs in partnership with our schools and faith-based organizations; and public safety measures through local police and fire departments.

Primarily through his efforts, the MutualOne Charitable Foundation has surpassed $2.7 million in total grants awarded to these worthwhile endeavors.

While his success as a community banker is well documented, Bob has said that “being able to support the neediest among us has given me the greatest personal satisfaction.”