Shillman House health, wellness supported by Charitable Foundation

JCHEThe Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly’s Shillman House in Framingham has received an award of $5,000 from the MutualOne Charitable Foundation, according to Foundation Chairman Robert P. Lamprey.

The funds will be used to sustain a comprehensive fitness and wellness program that helps older adults improve flexibility, mobility, balance, physical and mental health, self-image, and cognitive abilities.

“The MutualOne Charitable Foundation realizes how important it is to help the seniors of our community age with dignity and high quality of life,” said Lamprey. “We are happy to support those goals.”

The Foundation has provided a total of $12,500 in support of Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly initiatives over the past three years. The Shillman House grant was among the 19 awards made in the Foundation’s most recent round of funding, which totaled nearly $93,000.