Special Notice: Phishing Scam Related to Target Data Breach

Target is warning all customers about a phishing scam related to the November 27 to December 15 data breach at its stores.

Individuals may be contacted via email, phone or text by an individual claiming to be from Target. Messages ask recipients to share financial or otherwise identifying information. THESE ARE A SCAM!

In response, Target has set up a special section on its corporate website with all the official communications shared by the company surrounding the data breach. If you have received any email messages concerning the breach we urge you to visit the site and check the authenticity of any emails received against official messages from the company.

These scams may ask the recipient to verify certain information or may even claim to offer protection against a potential security issue. Please do not provide this type of information or click on any links associated with this or any other unsolicited messages.

Remember, no legitimate business will ever contact you directly and ask for your personal or private information. Please do not share your personal or private information with another party unless you initiate the communication.

If you have any questions please call us directly at 508.820.400 or visit any of our offices during normal banking hours.