Taking a shine to local business

Autobright_LogoWhen you need a great car wash, oil change or fill up, Auto Bright Car Care on Hollis Street, Framingham, is your one-stop solution. When second-generation owner Nick Kanieff needed to refinance his company’s debt, MutualOne Bank really came through for him.

A former banker turned second-generation car wash owner, Nick says he shopped the loan package to about 30 banks. “Nearly all of them turned me down,” he recalls, noting that his was a complicated deal, involving lots of “moving parts”—including an environmental cleanup of the car wash site. And this was in the middle of the financial crisis, when capital was scarce.

“MutualOne Bank really stepped up to the plate,” Nick says. “They treated it as a very important deal and gave us a lot of attention. Whenever I had a question, I could pick up the phone and talk to a decision maker right here in the community.”

Nick says it was the smoothest, most cooperative loan process he ever experienced. He says the difference was MutualOne’s emphasis on relationships. “They knew us, they knew our business and they knew that despite the challenges we faced, it was a blip on the radar screen.”

Today, business at Auto Bright is better than ever. And so is his relationship with MutualOne Bank. “I see them all the time. All the people at the bank come to Auto Bright to get their cars washed and their oil changed!”

Ready for a banking partner who takes a genuine shine to your business? Call Michael Bilinsky at 508.532.8305. Learn more about Auto Bright Car Care at www.autobrightcarcare.com.