Calendar of commercial success

In this age of instant digital communication and short attention spans, there’s one advertising medium that still offers exposure 365 days a year: the calendar on the kitchen wall. “On display every day” is the watchword of Town Planner of MetroWest, publisher of an advertising-supported calendar that reaches homes in seven local communities.

“For businesses trying to reach the local market, the marketing options are limited,” says owner Janet Sheehan Drummey. “The Town Planner Calendar helps businesses reach local customers, without wasting money buying exposure outside their target market.”

Even with today’s technology, Janet says the Town Planner Calendar is relevant and useful to families.

“Surveys show that 85% of families hang the calendar and use it,” she says, noting that it includes a wealth of local information – from school schedules and town events to emergency phone numbers and recycling information. “Families rely on the Calendar to organize their busy lives.”

Janet continues, “Our advertisers are remarkably loyal to the local community. While most market through other media as well, they see the Town Planner as an important vehicle to reach consumers and grow their clientele because it is local, targeted, and cost-effective. It provides the visibility they need to remind local consumers frequently of their goods and services.”

When it comes to managing her business banking, Janet has relied on MutualOne Bank since she started her business 20 years ago.

“My business is community-focused and so is MutualOne Bank,” Janet says. “When I go to the Bank, I know the people and they know me. I really appreciate that community feeling from my business bank.”

Janet sees continued growth for the Town Planner of MetroWest as more local businesses recognize the value of geographically-targeted advertising in tight economic times. And MutualOne Bank will be there to help.

Is business growth on your calendar? Call Michael Bilinsky today at (508) 532-8305. You can reach Janet at (508) 879-7655.